Why Russell? I’ve some unique style, attractive magic outfit with magician’s hat and excellent performance ability. I’m special and best magician. I have been practicing magic since I was yang. Over 25 years’ experience performing magic in many places, many times, many way, with many things. I’ve won awards for performing magic for the annual International Magic Convention. I’m performing successfully all over the world as well as in London, UK.

How much is cost for magic show? My charge will depend on your demand. Example the type of event, when is your party, how long you want show for and where is the party. With all details you can pickup phone, it will be better to discuss with magician direct. My service is not cheap, but I guarantee you’ll get a special service with me. While you hire me for adult event, where there will be a few kids present, I’ll be able to entertain them with many items along with the adults. But if you’re specifically looking for a kid’s party, let me know, I’m a specialist children’s entertainer. I have other services for them as well. Just ask me.

Do you have CRB/DBS certificate? Yes I do have it. Because numbers of time I get booking for children show. Specially for nursery, school, birthday show.

What kinds of magic you expect in show? I do many appearing and despairing act with many deferent object. My Items are can be small or big. I don't want to give too much away. As I give surprise. I will suggest you to take a look Gallery page for pictures and click my YouTube video on other pages.

What dose magician use for magic tricks? I do magic with cards, smoke, silk, flower, rope, coins, rings, magnet, betty, borrowed objects, fire, bank notes, cutlery, glasses, pens, rubber bands, paper, knife, water, milk, salt, mobile phones, napkins, watches (stolen but returned), live animals eg rabbit, dove.

Is it for any specific age group? Of course not. Any age of adults or children’s can join as long they have physically able to understand my act, hummer, and language (English).

Can I discuss with magician direct? Certainly, feel free, you allows welcome. I prefer to have some conversation before booking. Like if any default to find address, parking restriction zone or even payment method to ask. Please call me on my mobile for an immediate response or send an email with party details. You will get reply soon possible.

Is deposit important, is deposit refundable? To secure the booking is important to give deposit. But if you cancel, your deposit is non refundable.